RocketReady Social Engineering Prevention, Security Awareness Audits, and Security Awareness Posters

The Human Side of Security TM

While companies pour resources into network security, hoping to plug holes and fortify their systems against a technical hack, they are still missing all the valuable information and sensitive data that is trickling out of the tiny cracks in their first line of defense—their employees. Every social engineer is a people person and can turn any employee's weakness or innocence into a big payday with no computer hacking or code cracking required. All it takes is research, a phone for pretexting, an email address for phishing, and an unsuspecting employee.

Discover your weaknesses

We can make your employees a human firewall. Get ready—to shield and protect.

Are your employees an impenetrable shield—or are there dozens of holes in your defenses? We can help you find out. The RocketReady Social Engineering Audit is the most comprehensive social engineering vulnerability assessment in the industry. We do more than send a few phishing emails and make a few pretext phone calls—we specialize in ethical hacking. After pre-assessment and intensive research, we launch a full-scale, ethical social engineering attack using the methods of deception and manipulation with the best likelihood to yield results. If there is a hole, we will find it and help you fix it.

Tighten Up

Your employees don’t know what they don’t know, and many breaches occur simply because policy-makers pay little attention to the threat of social engineering. Employees at call centers or at the front desk are especially susceptible if there is no clear, step-by-step caller authentication procedure in place, and all employees need guidelines for password management and office security. We can help you create well-defined and easy-to-follow social engineering procedures that address all the ways a social engineer may strike.

Keep it Visible

Repetition, repetition, repetition—it’s the only way the keep social engineering out front. Through our security awareness campaigns, we can keep your employees aware of social engineering threats and how to respond while they work at their desks (cheat-sheets, flyers, and screensavers), meet in the breakroom (awareness posters), or check their email (weekly, monthly, or quarterly newsletters).

Fight Back

You can’t win them all. And when it comes to social engineering, knowing how to strike back quickly and effectively is a big part of damage control. When a social engineering incident occurs, we can help you investigate what happened, why it happened, and how to update policies and use online employee training to keep it from happening again. And, in the short term, we can create a profile that indicates how this incident may affect you now and what immediate steps might be taken to get back to business as usual.

Make social engineering prevention a priority.

RocketReady Social Engineering Prevention, Security Awareness Audits, and Security Awareness Posters

Social Engineering Prevention, Social Engineering Training, and Social Engineering Audits

Social Engineering Posters, Social Engineering Newsletters, Social Engineering Campaigns

Social Engineering Posters, Social Engineering Newsletters, Social Engineering Campaigns, Social Engineering Prevention, Call Center Security

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